WET FOODadamasia

In the market, there are 2 types of cat food available- dry form (dry food) and wet form (wet food). For wet food, only fresh sea fish like tuna, mackerel, and sardines,  fresh and high quality ingredients have been used to ensure that your cat gets a balanced diet fortified with various nutrients. Nutricious wet food should also embed a combination of vitamins and minerals to ensure the health of the cats is always good and they can live actively.

High Standard

The routine production of wet food started with fresh fish supplied by local fishermen at Banyuwangi, then proceed immediately to nearby manufacturing facilities to maintain the freshness and high quality. The process pass through the strict procedure and high quality standards set by Powerpet prior to shipping to Malaysia. As a matter of a fact, this wet food products uphold a high quality standards regulated by international status.

Cleanliness, quality materials, halal certified process and 100% freshness of the fish are highly stressed out in every single batch of production.

The quality and content of a cat food product always been a concern to the owners before selecting the best meal for their pet. At Powercat, the

quality of raw materials used have been maintained right from captured by fishermen.¬† Fish supplied will be transferred to the storage container filled with ice cubes and splashed with sea water containing natural salt. These method referred as ‘natural freezing’ method whereby only use ice cubes to maintain the freshness of the fish without additional salt or preservatives.

The use of artificial coloring and preservatives such as salt in the wet food may cause adverse bacteria that affects the cat resulting in

urinary tract problems and kidney stones.

Powercats wet food production is free from of  artificial preservatives and salt, and it has been certified by the Association of American Feed Control Official (AAFCO), an international body that sets standards for quality and food safety, animal and pets.