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Is the selection of cat food that pet owners are concerned about the need to buy food for your adorable? Does the price factor alone? Or nutritional factors which would you choose?

Cat food kibbles type consists of 3 categories / classes:

  • Commercial
  • Premium
  • Holistic / Super-premium.

Commercial cat food is made up of cat food often commercialized in media such as TV, newspapers and so on. This kind of brand is very popular because it is easy to find at any grocery store and supermarket near you. Premium and Holistic foods are rarely known. These brands are usually available in pet stores and veterinary clinics only.


The difference between the three classes of cat food on the content and materials for making the food. Take a look at the cute packaging food you buy. Quality cat food brand is determined by the 5 ingredients / ingredient listed first in her womb. Food quality will list the ingredients efficacious as 5 or a part of the first 5 ingredients. An example is Turkey, Deboned Chicken, Chicken, Chicken Meal, Salmon, Fish Meal and so on.

5 concoction is then followed by other nutritious ingredients as listed below:

  • Poultry, beef, lamb or fish
  • Poultry meal
  • Fish meal
  • Chicken fat
  • Potato, sweet potato or brown rice
  • Eggs
  • Fruit and vegetables
  • In addition to the above ingredients, nutritious meals come with a side additives and nutrients such as:
  • Probiotics: Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bacillus subtillis, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Bifidobacterium longum, Streptococcus thermophilus.
  • Fish oil / salmon oil- contributor Omega 3 & 6 good for the liver and heart.
  • DL-methionine – an amino acid that causes urine more acidic and prevent the formation of kidney stones and urinary tract infections.
  • L-lysine – an amino acid that helps prevent herpes, eye and respiratory infections / colds in cats.
  • Taurine and Vitamin A – essential amino acids to heart and helps sharpness cat eyes.
  • Vitamins and minerals

Commercial brands do not have nutritious ingredients or one of the 5-ingredient-first (first-five-ingredients) in the making. Instead, these brands use ‘BY PRODUCT’ in the ingredients.

What is a ‘by product’?

‘By product’ is part of animal that is not suitable for human consumption. In the human food supply, these parts are usually discarded. ‘Chicken-by-product / by-product, poultry’ appearing in commercials brand food means food that is produced using ingredients like beak, head, wings, bones, egg shells, chicken entrails of animals such as chickens, ducks or / and birds. Beef / Lamb-by-product was used in the tail, feet, bones, entrails and animal skin meat / dairy from cows and goats. By product consists of low quality protein and contains amino acids necessary for your health and adorable.


In addition to protein and amino acids listed above, you also have to look at the ingredients that contribute to the carbohydrates in the diet of your cat. Carbohydrate content in the cat food only serves as a ‘filler’ to give a feeling of fullness longer your cat but does not supply the necessary nutrients for cats. In choosing a cat food, avoid ingredients comprising:

  • Corn or wheat gluten
  • Cornmeal
  • Ground wheat
  • Cellulose
  • Brewer’s rice

Premium food brands, there is still starch and carbohydrates into the mix. It is intended to form kibbles during the manufacturing process. Holistic food is kibbles that do not contain carbohydrates or grains in the ingredients. Instead, Holistic food containing probiotic (good bacteria), various essential amino acids, vegetables and fruit for the overall health and your kid.


Good food should contain 33% protein, and less than 5.5% ash. Holistic food / Super-premium usually contains 50-52% protein and 3.0% ash which supply protein for optimal active cats. However, you also need to carefully choose the percentage of protein for your cat. If the protein is too high and exceeds the needs of your cat, it can adversely affect the kidneys.

Although great kibbles provide adequate nutrients for your cat, feeding wet canned or cooked foiled pack itself is also important as part of your cat’s diet is important. Adequate water intake is also noteworthy. Apart from that we listed above, make sure that the expiry date of the food you buy and for Muslim users, make sure that no content ‘pork’, ‘bacon’ and the like.