DRY FOODadamasia

It is the only halal cat food products, pure, clean and high in quality. In mid-June 2015, the PowerCat boost the industry with a series of dry food thorugh  the selections of  PowerCat Fresh Ocean and  Fresh Ocean Tuna Fish. PowerCat Dry food production are using modern facilities and technology. Each pack contains fresh fish, which is free of preservatives, artificial coloring and salt as to ensure its premium quality it is high in nutritions, fresh and rich in vitamins.

Starting as a major producer of halal food, PowerCat strides and produce dry food for cats that promotes nutrition and freshness in the overall diet of your pet in each age range. Dry food also will be able to keep your cat always energetic in omega 3 and 6, as well as help to maintain health blood cells in the body of a cat. In addition, PowerCat dry food can also prevent plaque, tartar on the teeth and the mouth of a cat and help strengthen bones and teeth. Therefore, your cat will stay healthy and clean. Production of dry food has been through rigorous research and development to ensure a delicious flavors in each content.  Powercat Dry series comes in 500 grams (g), 1.4 kilogram (kg) and 8 kg.