CAT’S HEALTHadamasia

Anyone want good health, so is the cat . In addition to shelter, food and drinks, good health is also highly needed by the cat. There are some guidelines that also can help in promoting cat care and health.

Make sure your cat gets the necessary vaccines / suitable for cats by age / vet’s advice. Do not give what you do not need it, such as cat leukemia vaccine for cats aged two years if aged under two years. But teenagers today are the best because they’ll provide consultancy / consultant about cats. Failure to vaccinate the cats and provide redundant without following the recommendations of the vaccine vet adverse effect is the same. Kittens also need the vaccine because there is still a strong immune.

The cats were allowed to roam free outside the house / area, make sure that it has been awarded dewormed regularly every 3-4 months. This not only protects the cat, but the cat owner from zoonatic disease.

Make sure the water supply is given to cats is clean. Changing the cat drinking water and ensure water is not dirty / dusty in beverage containers. Cats are not drinking enough water can also experience urinary disorders. To make sure your cat always drink enough water, place a container or a drink next to / near container or food. Put in a conspicuous place. Cats may not be able to find / detect water such as foraging, because the water can not be inhaled. It will take time before the eyes / happy at conference or touched sometimes he drank any water present eg tap water, licking wet floors, spilled water and lain2 dirty and dangerous for cats. Unless the cat is placed in a cage, water and food available in the cage.

Clean tooth cats also noteworthy occasionally. Check your teeth and gums cat’s mouth to make sure there are no injuries. If your cat starts to eat less, although it is menghidu2 food but just touch a little or nothing, perhaps the mouth there is an injury or illness tanda2 on the other. Continue to schools for the check. To keep your teeth and mouth cat does not smell, give dryfoood that can clean teeth and halitosis. Too often give wetfood / self-prepared food in the mouth will also make the cat smell. Periodontal disease can lead to heart and kidney disease.

 Hairball resulting from the clean / lick the fur of a cat on a regular basis. Hairball which have been going out with cat faeces (If you look at the cat loves to eat grass and after that the cat will vomit up again, the grass is said to cure on the cat .. as there are vomiting cat hairball on ..) If cats often lick the fur, it may result in hairballs that many may clog the digestive tract of cats. Often bathe a cat, cleaning wool or fur when cats are having problems fall, get treatment. The danger for us if we regularly kissing / hugging cat fur easily fall out because the hair cat to go through the mouth and nose when we kiss / cuddle cat.

Do not let the cat has excessive fat. Do not hold your cat to the risk of diabetes and obesity just because we want more fat and cute cats. Controlling the diet is a balanced diet is important to keep your cat healthy cat. Provide toys that easy especially for cats in pet shops found. This is to maintain an active cat and also a way of exercise for the cat .. Seeing cats that are running play, chase or bite, able to create the mood of joy and laughter .. Cats are pets that can eliminate stress, tired or angry.

Do not let the cat go or play away from home, you may be exposed to the dangers of cats out there .. dog or vehicle. Cats urinate or whim? If you have prepared a litter box for cats, but cat urine or throw over the place … maybe need frequency to wash / replace the litterbox because cats need comfort and privacy when in his toilet. So if dirty, the cat will look for a port / place more comfortable for her privacy masa2 Give at least 15 minutes for a moment with a cat every day to maintain warmth.